About Me

How to start a kito diet ?

There are not enough good experiences to share on the net today, I think something should be written about it.so I started blogging as someone who has tested the keto diet to give you information on how it works with keto foods that are ultra low in carbohydrates, tasty, practical,healthy and affordable, including keto alternatives to everything you had to throw out of your pantry when you started keto.

I am katrine, I have been on a ketogenic diet since 2014 to manage chronic pain.
(I also lost 35 pounds after going keto.) Keto for the long haul, I assure you that the ketogenic diet is as easy,little sacrificial and delicious as possible. And because the products I offer are made by keto people, for keto people,you'll never see math of fuzzy carbohydrates or hidden starches.
All products are designed according to my four guiding principles: nutrition, convenience, taste and accessibility.

Nutrition. Each product I offer contains less carbohydrates.Convenience. foods are designed to fit a busy lifestyle, can be cooked to order and easy to store.Taste. If it doesn't taste good, you will not eat it. My recipes inspired by chef who only use the highest quality ingredients, are thoroughly tested and constantly improved. The result is pure delight.
Affordability. I offer a variety of foods at various prices, No one should be overpriced to eat well.