How To Make Right Diet

Follow a diet to burn body fat and tighten muscles:

The diet of drying is one of the diet used in order to lose weight and refine the body,as it depends on consuming protein mainly,with a small amount of carbohydrates and other nutrients. 
Who is the target category of drying diet?
Bodybuilders and athletes who eat nutritional supplements that contribute to inflating their muscles usually follow the diet of drying in nutrition, but the foregoing does not prevent ordinary individuals from applying this system,without eating nutritional supplements to ensure that the muscles are not inflated.And the diet is characterized by its effectiveness in burning fat,and losing many kilos,without affecting the health and strength of muscles,unlike other common dieting regimens,which focus on losing weight and fat exclusively,without caring for the muscles.With the continued dieting mentione above, the muscles relax,causing pain in the shoulders and back.On the other hand, the drying regimen keeps the muscles tight.
The drying system requires a follower, as follows: 

Maintaining drying foods, which include: meat, fish, eggs and dairy products,as well as eating fiber,which slows down the digestion process and increases the feeling of satiety for a longer period. 
Maintaining exercise.Eat healthy fats, which are the "omega-3" found in fish,nuts,olive oil and avocado.Avoid nutrients that contain saturated fats,such as canned food, And fried potato chips, sweets,cakes, and prepared foods.Determining the amount of carbohydrates consumed while following this diet, without avoiding them completely, in order to preserve metabolism. Eat sugar,but immediately after the completion of exercise, as the body will not convert these sugars into fat at that time,but will store it in the form of "glycogen" which is useful for building muscles.Divide meals into five meals a day, taking care to eat breakfast that consists of various nutrients. 
Eat raw almonds, cherries, lemon, spicy foods and low-fat yogurts, as well as whole grains, for their richness in important nutrients.

How To Make Right Diet

5 tips for dieting success:

In order to ensure the success of the drying regimen, and to obtain a harmonious and tight muscular body, it is imperative to follow the following tips:

1. Drink plenty of water and natural juices, especially orange juice.

2. Avoid eating salts, sugars, fats, soft drinks, and prepared foods.

3. Ensure that you exercise in swimming, boxing, running,or biking 

4. Getting adequate rest and sleep, which is one of the most important factors that help in burning fat.

5. Eating caffeine before exercising, in order to increase the levels of "adrenaline" in the body, and then the fat breaks down and turns into the bloodstream, until it provides the body with the necessary energy.

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