Follow a healthy diet
A healthy diet is the food that provides the body with adequate nutrients. The need for people from calories differs from person to person.
Here are five tips that work for everyone.
1. A person should strive to diversify his food. There is no single food group that can supply the body with all the nutrients it needs.

2. A person need to includes foods from different food groups.When he ingests more than he needs.his body stores calories or excess calories in form of fat. he must detirmine his ideal wieght and the level he wants to reach from physical activity, and strive to reach and maintain this weight.

3. A person must eat a lot of grains, vegetables and fruits.Because nutritionists recommend eating vegetable food because it contains a small amount of calories or calories,and a large amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Also, the amount of fat in it is small, and it does not contain cholesterol.

4. A person should eat a food that contains a small amount of fat and cholesterol, so that the amount of calories or calories from fat does not exceed 30% of the total food that he consumes.

5. A person should be moderate in eating certain foods and drinks, such as sweets, candies and salty foods.
How To Follow a healthy Diet?

The Food Pyramid is a guide to healthy nutrition, and recommends eating a variety of foods, with guidance for the appropriate amount of food from each food group.The food pyramid displays six colors. And each color represents a food group. The more extensive the area covered by the color of a food group, the greater the need for that food group.

The orange color in the food pyramid represents grains. A person is advised to eat at least 100 grams of bread prepared from whole or unshelled wheator from cereals, baked goods, rice or pastries.
The person is advised to make sure that he is eating food prepared from whole grains, and that the word "whole" is found after the word "grains" within the label that explains the ingredients of the food.

The green color in the food pyramid represents vegetables.A person is advised to eat a large amount of vegetables with a dark green color and orange. The person is also advised to eat a large amount of dry beans. Eating a variety of vegetables provides humans with different vitamins and nutrients.

The red color represents the fruit food pyramid. A person is advised to eat a variety of fruits, and he can choose fresh, frozen, canned or dried fruit, without eating too much fruit juice.

The yellow color in the food pyramid represents the oils. It is the smallest category in the food pyramid. People are advised that most of the fat they eat be derived from fish, nuts and vegetable oils, and to reduce the consumption of solid fats such as butter,margarine and animal fats.

The blue color in the food pyramid represents milk or milk. A person is advised to eat milk or low-fat or skimmed milk. If he cannot digest milk or milk, he can choose lactose-free products, or choose to eat other sources of calcium.

The purple color represents the protein food pyramid. A person is advised to eat bird meat or meat that is devoid of fat or in which the amount of fat is low, and he can eat meat cooked, boiled or grilled. A person must strive to diversify his choice of foods and eat fish, legumes, nuts and seeds.

The amount of food a person consumes is measured in a unit called the "ration". Depending on the type of food, the serving size can be measured in cups,grams, slices, or a grain or fruit.
Determining the number of servings a person needs from each food group often depends on the person's age, gender, height, and level of physical activity.
The determination of the number of servings a person needs from each food group also depends on the number of calories or calories that a person needs each day.
The grades depicted on the scale of the food pyramid remind the person that a person must be physically active,and that he must perform physical activity for a period of no less than half an hour on most days of the week. As for children and adolescents,hey must do sports for sixty minutes every day or on most days.
Labeling on foods Plasters applied to food products help to know the ingredients of the food we eat. The law enforces the placement of these labels, and they contain more accurate information,than the information mentioned in commercial advertisements. By reading the label, you can learn: The number of calories or calories per serving Calories or calories from fat The number of fat fines The number of grams of sugars or carbohydrates The number of protein grams Daily percentage values The daily percentage provided by the portion represents the amount needed by the human body from each of the nutrients mentioned in the label per day.
When healthy food becomes a habit that accompanies a person throughout his life, a healthy food will protect him from disease. In order to become healthy food from a person’s life, he must be aware of the right information, and that he has the motivation to make him commit to healthy food. This program has given you some information.Do you need a greater motivation to start eating healthy?
Adhering to a healthy diet is not difficult, there are many healthy and delicious food options.
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